About us.

The legal name of our company is Awto-yoly. Over the last 12 years Awto-yoly is in service, retail, wholesale business of automotive goods and garage equipment. Awto-yoly has established itself as an enterprise offering not only quality products, but also efficient service and long-term partnership. Long- term partnership is one of the priority directions of Awto-yoly’s strategy, which differs from the strategies of many other domestic companies. Slogan “Your trusted partner” defines the concept of our company, because trust is one of the most important aims we strive for, as it is the best way to establish worthy cooperation with companies.

The form of business of Awto-yoly is partnership; it has 3 board members – General Director, Financial Director and Commercial Director. Awto-yoly numbers over 300 employees in total.

With facilities in every region of Turkmenistan Awto-yoly is the biggest importer of automotive tires, wheels, batteries, lubricants, antifreezes, oil filters, car accessories and garage equipment. At present, our company has its heavy buyers in every part of Turkmenistan and having assembled numerous customers it achieved wide renown in the market for carrying on trade efficiently, building mutual beneficial partnership.